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About Us

Early Light International possesses a highly diverse portfolio, including Manufacturing, Property Management & Development, Watch & Jewellery, Automotive Service and Education. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the group has established offices in Mainland China, Macau and Australia, and employs over 40,000 individuals worldwide. 

Through strategic expansion and acquisitions, the group continues to drive both progress and growth, underpinned by innovation and experience.

About us

Mission and Vision

We drive towards market leadership in all categories that belong to our group, upholding only the highest standards of excellence while providing quality customer service and products.

Our vision for the present and the future encapsulates:​

A commitment to a win-win relationship with our clients based on our expertise

A promise of product and service excellence

Business goals that reflect only the strongest ethical values for mutual success

The pursuit of sustainable innovations and creative solutions 


Letter from the Chairman


One of the common misconceptions about the manufacturing business is that success is measured in the number of products that are created each year. In fact, the true essence of our success is not about quantity. It is actually the ability to address our customer's needs as well as to evolve and grow in sync with them.  

Since Early Light Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in 1972, we have helped bring ideas to life by manufacturing a variety of toys and consumer products for customers around the world. As we understand that "our customers' success is our success," we have dedicated ourselves to better serving our customers with innovative products, on-time deliveries and competitive pricing.


The past few years have been very exciting for us. Everyone at Early Light has worked hard to face a wide range of new challenges, such as the development of high technology toys and the rapid expansion of the enterprise. With the help of our sophisticated management team and our determined staff, we were successful in overcoming all these hurdles. For this, I would like to once again thank each of our employees for their passion and dedication to the company.      


However, even though we have been very successful, we should not confine ourselves to pride over our past achievements. The desire for better products grows stronger each day, and we should always seek greater challenges and breakthroughs to reach for. I am confident that with our determination and expertise, Early Light Industries Co. Ltd. will continue to grow as we strive to become the worldwide leader in manufacturing toys and consumer products.

Dr. Francis Choi, GBS, JP


Beginning in 1972, the history of Early Light International (Holdings) Ltd. spans over four decades of sustained growth. From our core manufacturing business, we have evolved a strategically diverse portfolio that includes Property Management & Development, Watch & Jewellery, Automotive Service and Education. These are some of the milestones we have achieved since our founding. ​

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